Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate tracking software for Online services, eCommerce and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with your website in just minutes.
Affiliate Marketing


Rewardful is a comprehensive affiliate marketing software that enables SaaS companies to set up affiliate and referral programs with Stripe & Paddle. Just connect your account and let us track referrals, discounts and commissions for you!
Affiliate Marketing


An all-in-one solution to launch your own affiliate program. Tolt helps SaaS startups build and run their affiliate and referral programs. Works with Stripe, Paddle, and Chargebee.
Partnership Management


PartnerStack accelerates the growth of your partner ecosystem by simplifying every step of your partnerships journey, so you can find new customers, grow your market share, boost demand for your products, scale new verticals, segments, and geographies
Integration Automation


n8n is a dynamic workflow automation tool designed for technical users seeking efficient and flexible automation solutions. Offering a unique blend of no-code and JavaScript capabilities, n8n empowers users to build complex automations up to 10 times faster without grappling with intricate APIs. The platform supports diverse workflows, enabling users to seamlessly connect APIs with no code for basic tasks and employ JavaScript for intricate data manipulation.
Subscription / License Management


Cloud-based Software Licensing, Customer Identity Management and Out-of-the-box Integrations


Create a mobile-friendly website in a few clicks and share it in your bio. For influencers, bloggers, coaches, and rising stars, Taplink provides a means to increase visibility and engagement by directing audiences to important links.
Integration Automation


Connect your favorite applications within minutes and say goodbye to manual work
Subscription / License Management


Churnkey offers tools for improving customer retention, including personalized cancel flows to help retain customers, features to recover failed payments, and support for customer-driven product development. This platform aims to assist companies in enhancing growth and maintaining a stable customer base.


Why wait to win customer trust? Our social proof & FOMO marketing solutions help you do it from the very first visit, setting you up for converting traffic into more sales, demos and leads.
Subscription / License Management


HostBill provides billing, automation, support, and client management solutions for companies involved in web hosting, cloud services, and domain name and SSL reselling, emphasizing innovation, simplicity, and performance.
Analytics and Monitoring


A real-time monitoring tool for SaaS businesses that allows users to track various aspects of their product, such as user activity, billing, and infrastructure, with the aim of making data-driven decisions. It offers easy integration, real-time analytics, and instant notifications across devices, aiming to streamline business operations and provide valuable insights into key performance indicators.


The WordPress Membership Plugin that provides all genres of membership related functionality under one roof and easy to use.

PaddlePress PRO

PaddlePress Pro, the Paddle Integration plugin tailored for WordPress, simplifies the creation of feature-rich membership websites. It enables seamless monetization through the sale of WordPress themes and plugins, all while integrating effortlessly with Paddle's platform.

Paddle Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads

A WordPress eCommerce solution includes a versatile Paddle payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads, offering efficient payment processing, tax handling, and a user-friendly checkout experience.

Booking Press Plugin

The all-in-one WordPress appointment booking plugin for any service-based industry. Fully automated staff scheduling, self-booking, easy payments.
Subscription / License Management


m3ter’s Pricing Operations Platform powers every variation of usage-based pricing for software companies at all stages of growth. Ingest and enrich usage data, apply pricing, and generate error-free bills in real-time.
Integration Automation


Nimble teams use Truto Unified APIs to build native integrations in minutes and don’t make their customers wait for months.
Integration Automation


A powerful, point-and-click approach to app building makes it easy for anyone. Create automated integrations between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, build reports and more.
Partnership Management


Built to turn ideas into empowering partnerships. Maximize your revenue potential from launch to reward. With SaaS, e-commerce, and partner experience in mind, do it all in one place.
Affiliate Marketing


Launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes. Quick integration with Stripe, Paddle, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee or with our API.
Affiliate Marketing


The solution you need to grow and scale your affiliate marketing.
Subscription / License Management


Keygen is an open, source-available software licensing and distribution API, built for developers, by developers. Self-host or try Keygen Cloud today.
Integration Automation

Appypie connect

Integrate your favourite apps together with customizable, pre-built app integrations.
Subscription / License Management


Kanuu provides a beautiful subscription interface for your customers, allowing you to focus on your product.


WPSmartPay streamlines selling digital goods on WordPress with seamless Paddle integration, supporting WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads for a user-friendly checkout that boosts sales without coding expertise.
Affiliate Marketing

OSI Affiliate

Easy-to-use affiliate software that makes it easy to recruit and empower affiliates an influencers to promote your brand.
Affiliate Marketing


Create your affiliate program today.
Subscription / License Management

Laravel Cashier

Laravel Cashier Paddle provides an expressive, fluent interface to Paddle's subscription billing services. It handles almost all of the boilerplate subscription billing code you are dreading. In addition to basic subscription management, Cashier can handle: swapping subscriptions, subscription "quantities", subscription pausing, cancelation grace periods, and more.
Subscription / License Management


Ready-made components and features for SaaS founders building on top of Paddle Billing. Spend time on your product, not your billing interface. Add cancellation flows, dynamic multi currency pricing tables, welcome email drip campaigns and all the best practice billing features.