10Duke is dedicated to assisting independent software vendors in optimizing the monetization of their applications. Originally conceived as a toolset for creating web applications, the company swiftly shifted focus to address the challenges of online user authentication and enhancing control over user access to applications and content. Specializing in advanced software licensing solutions, 10Duke caters to diverse industries such as finance, consumer services, visual effects, mining, and construction.

The cornerstone of 10Duke's offerings is its "identity-based" licensing solution, facilitating the licensing of desktop, web, mobile, embedded software, APIs, and virtual machines. Their platform, embraced by both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, stands out as the world's leading license management solution. Noteworthy features include comprehensive support for all license models, adaptability to offline and online scenarios, seamless integration with client applications, and user-friendly interfacing with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce systems. With a reputation for strong project management, 10Duke ensures a swift and straightforward onboarding process, making it the preferred choice for the world's fastest-growing software vendors seeking streamlined licensing and enhanced monetization.

Now we don't have to worry about reliability anymore. We also don't have to think about building something, we can just use it. With 10Duke, you'll gain access to a mature and reliable system.
Patrick Hamilton
Senior Director Corporate Technology, Foundry

Use Cases

  • Software License Management: 10Duke offers a comprehensive Software License Management solution, allowing centralized control and administration for various software types, including desktop, web, SaaS, mobile, embedded, virtual machines, and capacity software. The platform supports diverse license models like subscription and trial, eliminating the need for traditional license keys. Integration with popular business tools, including Ecommerce and CRM systems like Fastspring, Digital River, Shopify, Salesforce, and more, ensures seamless operation. 10Duke's keyless licensing solution eliminates the hassle of license keys, reducing administrative costs. It operates as a cloud-based service, providing real-time reporting on application and license usage and enabling Single Sign-On for easy access to multiple applications.
  • License Management For Desktop and SaaS Applications: 10Duke streamlines desktop and SaaS application license management, boosting revenue and efficiency. By centralizing licensing logic, the platform simplifies administration and ensures a cohesive product experience. With a unified hub for product configuration, entitlements, and customer/user management, 10Duke integrates seamlessly with CRM and ecommerce systems for automated licensing. It facilitates combined product packages, allowing diverse applications under one license, driving revenue growth with straightforward pricing. Supporting various license models, including subscription and trial, 10Duke eliminates admin costs by dynamically delivering licenses from the cloud. A cloud-based solution, it omits on-prem license servers, ensures continuous availability, enables Single Sign-On, and provides real-time usage insights.
  • License Management for Ecommerce: 10Duke offers seamless integration of dynamic software licensing with popular ecommerce platforms like FastSpring, Paddle, and Digital River. This streamlined approach enables immediate license grants upon online purchases, automating the entire system for efficient revenue generation. Customers can dynamically select product features and combinations, with 10Duke instantly issuing the appropriate licenses. The platform integrates effortlessly with leading ecommerce providers such as Shopify and supports various license models. The result is a user-friendly experience, reducing administrative costs by eliminating manual license management tasks. 10Duke, a secure and flexible cloud-based solution, ensures continuous accessibility, single sign-on capabilities, and real-time reporting for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Main Features

  • Identity-Based Licensing Solution: 10Duke offers an advanced "identity-based" licensing solution, allowing software vendors to license various types of applications, including desktop, web, mobile, embedded software, APIs, and virtual machines. This feature ensures a flexible and comprehensive approach to licensing.
  • Support for All License Models: The platform stands out by providing support for all types of license models. Whether it's subscription-based, floating, perpetual, or consumption-based licenses, 10Duke offers a versatile solution to cater to different business needs.
  • Offline and Online Scenario Support: 10Duke's platform is designed to accommodate both offline and online scenarios. This flexibility enables software vendors to manage licenses effectively in diverse operating environments, ensuring a seamless experience for end-users.
  • Seamless Integration with Client Applications: The platform comes with easy-to-use APIs and client libraries, facilitating fast and flexible integration with client applications. This feature streamlines the integration process, making it convenient for software vendors to incorporate 10Duke into their existing systems.
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, and E-commerce: 10Duke simplifies the integration process by seamlessly connecting with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce systems. This ensures a smooth workflow for managing licenses, customer information, and transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for software vendors.
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