PartnerStack's mission is to revolutionize the B2B SaaS industry by transforming partnerships into a powerful acquisition channel. Grounded in the belief that every connection matters, they prioritize building partner ecosystems collaboratively.

Unlock new avenues for revenue generation by leveraging partnerships. Engage affiliate partners such as publishers, content creators, and influencers to drive traffic and enhance your brand's reach. Benefit from referral partners who provide qualified leads from experts familiar with your audience. Furthermore, reseller partners, including agencies and vendors, can directly sell your software, expanding your customer base. Building a robust partner ecosystem can yield a multitude of leads, successful deals, and steady revenue.

To achieve growth, focus on scaling and optimizing your partnership strategy. Avoid underdeveloped partnerships that can drain resources and inhibit growth. Take command of your collaborations to see tangible improvements in performance and revenue. Additionally, innovate by expanding your indirect sales channels. While current partnerships may be satisfactory, accelerating your efforts can significantly increase your return on investment (ROI), positioning you as an ecosystem-led company with superior returns.

I can't think of any other platform that enables companies to develop their program, work with their partners, and of course, increase their revenue.
Dor Winter
Referral Partnership Manager,

Use Cases

  • Building and Scaling Partner Channels: PartnerStack helps businesses establish and expand their partner channels by providing tools to recruit, activate, track, reward, and optimize partner performance. Companies can efficiently build relationships with affiliates, referral partners, and resellers, ultimately expanding their market reach and driving revenue growth.
  • Automating Partner Processes: PartnerStack streamlines partner-related processes, such as payments, emails, and tracking conversions, offering a centralized hub for managing diverse partner programs. Automation reduces manual effort, ensures accuracy in partner payments, enhances communication through automated emails, and enables efficient tracking of partner contributions.
  • Enhancing Collaboration and Connectivity: PartnerStack fosters collaboration and connectivity among B2B SaaS companies and their partners through its network and marketplace, creating a dynamic ecosystem for mutual benefit. Businesses can tap into a vast network of partners, including affiliates and SaaS companies, facilitating collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual growth within the ecosystem.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive Partner Recruitment: PartnerStack enables businesses to reach a network of 80,000+ active partners, allowing them to promote their partner programs to find new affiliates, referral partners, and resellers. This feature facilitates the efficient and targeted recruitment of partners, expanding the partner ecosystem and driving growth.
  • Customizable Partner Onboarding and Activation: The platform provides tools for custom onboarding journeys, training, and resources tailored to each partner, ensuring they are well-equipped to promote and sell the products. Partners are more likely to succeed when provided with personalized onboarding, contributing to higher engagement, increased productivity, and better overall performance.
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting: PartnerStack offers robust tracking capabilities to monitor partner performance, traffic flows, and conversions. It enables businesses to attribute results to specific partners accurately. Companies can make data-driven decisions, optimize partner strategies, and incentivize partners effectively based on their actual contributions.
  • Automated Partner Payments: PartnerStack automates partner payments with a single monthly invoice, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This ensures partners are compensated accurately and on time. The automation of payment processes saves time, reduces errors, and enhances the overall satisfaction and motivation of partners.
  • Marketplace Access and Network Connectivity: PartnerStack's Marketplace serves as a portal to a network of 80,000+ B2B partners and 300+ leading SaaS partner programs, facilitating collaboration and connectivity. Businesses can gain access to a diverse and influential partner network, fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the potential for new business opportunities.

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