Afficone offers a no-code solution for SaaS businesses to launch an affiliate program quickly and efficiently, enabling setup within approximately 15 minutes and starting at no cost. The platform supports a range of integrations with major payment and web platforms like Stripe, Paddle, and WooCommerce, with more options like Next.js and JavaScript in development. The service caters to various affiliate models, including one-time purchases, subscriptions, and trials, and provides tools for adjusting commissions under different scenarios.

Afficone emphasizes the value of affiliate marketing as a trust-based, organic channel less intrusive than traditional ads. It allows businesses to monitor affiliate-referred clicks, enhancing customer understanding. Payouts are automated and integrated with services like PayPal and Wise, facilitating batch transactions.

The free plan supports up to 25 affiliates and one campaign, offering features such as an unlimited number of clicks, a custom affiliate portal, and bulk payouts, all under a $0 monthly fee until the business reaches $2500 MRR. Afficone distinguishes itself from competitors by not charging commission fees, offering custom API integrations, and a fully customizable affiliate portal, presenting itself as a cost-effective and flexible solution for growing SaaS companies. Additionally, Afficone uses cookies to enhance user experience and includes standard privacy and terms of service policies.


Use Cases

  • Customizable Affiliate program: Afficone provides a plug-and-play solution for Paddle users to create affiliate programs for both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions, integrating easily without native support from Paddle.

Main Features

  • Easy Integration: Afficone supports no-code and code-based integrations with major platforms such as Stripe, Paddle, WooCommerce, and offers upcoming support for Next.js and JavaScript. This makes it highly accessible for businesses of various tech capacities.
  • Automated Payouts: The platform automates affiliate payouts, integrated with payment systems like PayPal and Wise for mass payouts, streamlining the process of compensating affiliates.
  • Customizable Affiliate Portal: Businesses can tailor their affiliate portals to match their branding and requirements. This customization extends to the user interface and the ability to upload specific brand assets such as logos and banners.
  • Comprehensive Click Tracking: Afficone offers detailed tracking of each click referred by affiliates, providing insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of the affiliate marketing strategy.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Uses Paddle Billing Notifications

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