ARMember is a comprehensive WordPress Membership Plugin offering an all-in-one solution for diverse membership-based businesses. Packed with 35+ premium addons, this plugin facilitates the creation of versatile membership models, catering to businesses ranging from consultancy services to online courses and creative content platforms. With a one-time payment of $69 (discounted from $199), ARMember stands out with lifetime free updates and no monthly fees.

The plugin's flexible pricing models allow users to implement one-time charges, recurring subscriptions, or lifetime memberships. Its content restriction rules provide granular control, enabling restriction on pages, posts, URLs, and more. The built-in form builder simplifies the creation of stylish registration and login forms, enhancing user experience. ARMember emphasizes community engagement with public member profiles, directory templates, badges, and achievements. The drip content feature enables scheduled release of content to keep members engaged over time. The Membership Site Setup Wizard streamlines the initial setup process.

Security is a priority, with features like brute force login protection, hidden WP login page, and IP-based restrictions. The plugin also supports social logins, coupon management, email notifications, and WooCommerce content restriction. With translation support, developer-friendly APIs, and a dedicated support team, ARMember offers a powerful and customizable solution for managing and monetizing WordPress-based membership sites.

It's very easy to use. There is practically no learning curve. Easy to set up memberships -- or rather to restrict content based on certain conditions like subscriptions etc.
Abhiraj P.

Use Cases

  • Membership Plugin: ARMember is a comprehensive and versatile WordPress Membership Plugin. It is designed to empower businesses and individuals to create and manage membership-based websites efficiently. The plugin caters to a wide range of use cases, making it suitable for various industries and purposes. Some primary use cases include: Membership Websites, Online Courses and Tutoring, Community Building, Creative Content Platforms, Corporate Training, Premium Content/News Platforms, Consulting Services.

Main Features

  • Flexible Monetization Models: ARMember provides a range of options for monetizing membership sites. Users can implement one-time charges, recurring subscriptions with flexible billing cycles (monthly, yearly, etc.), lifetime access plans, or even charge per post. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their pricing models to suit different content or service offerings.
  • Content Restriction Rules: The plugin offers robust content restriction rules, allowing site owners to control access to various content elements. Whether restricting entire pages, posts, custom post types, URLs, or specific sections, ARMember provides a high degree of granularity. This feature is crucial for offering exclusive content to members based on their subscription plans.
  • Built-in Form Builder: ARMember includes an advanced form builder that simplifies the creation of stylish and user-friendly registration and login forms. With predefined samples and customizable fields, the form builder enhances the overall user experience, making it easy for site administrators to gather necessary information from members.
  • Community Engagement Tools: ARMember focuses on building a sense of community among members. It offers public member profiles, directory templates, badges, and achievements. This gamification of the membership experience encourages user engagement and loyalty. Integration with BuddyPress/BuddyBoss forum plugins further enhances community-building capabilities.
  • Drip Content Functionality: The plugin features a robust drip content module, allowing site owners to schedule the release of content over time. This is particularly useful for online courses, serial content, or any scenario where a gradual and scheduled release of information is desirable. Site owners can set drip rules based on membership plans, time, or specific criteria.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Using the ARMember - Paddle payment gateway plugin

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