Churnkey is a comprehensive customer retention platform designed to empower businesses in reducing churn and optimizing growth. With a mission to simplify and automate the complex landscape of customer retention, Churnkey offers a suite of tools that address key challenges faced by customer-obsessed teams. The platform boasts personalized cancel flows, minimizing cancellations by up to 51%, and advanced payment recovery features, reclaiming up to 89% of failed payments. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Churnkey streamlines customer feedback analysis, facilitating data-driven product development at scale.

Clients benefit from clear, compelling metrics that demystify data, helping track boosted revenue, recovery rates, and more. The platform is praised for its user-friendly approach, enabling businesses to understand and implement retention strategies without the need for specialized expertise. Churnkey also manages accounts, providing a "set it and forget it" experience, allowing businesses to focus on product, growth, and customer satisfaction. Notable testimonials highlight the platform's impact, with users experiencing significant reductions in voluntary churn, increased customer lifetime value, and improved overall business performance. Churnkey's commitment to excellence positions it as a valuable partner in safeguarding and enhancing a company's revenue and customer base.

Churnkey keeps our customers around longer and takes care of those difficult situations that could make them unhappy. They make it easy to improve retention across the board.
Brian Dean
CEO of Exploding Topics

Use Cases

  • Cancel funnels: craft personalized cancel flows, gather feedback, and optimize payment recoveries.
  • Failed payment retention: leverage Churnkey's cancel flows to A/B test strategies, direct specific customer segments to your community for support while intelligently recovering failed payments.

Main Features

  • Personalized Cancel Flows: Reduce cancellations and boost revenue with our top-notch cancel flow, cutting active churn by up to 51%.
  • Modern Payment Recovery: Avoid payment troubles and recover up to 89% of failed payments effortlessly with AI optimization.
  • Powerful Metrics: Easily monitor your customer base's health, discover why they leave, and identify potential churn risks.
  • Customer Timelines: Track customer responses to invoices, offers, and pricing changes to bridge billing and customer success efforts.
  • Insights AI Sentiment Analysis: Generate product ideas from customer data analysis without hiring a data science team, saving time and aiding decision-making.
  • Managed For You: Improve retention without investing excessive time – let us assist you in installing Churnkey and managing the process.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Direct Integration with Paddle Classic and a placeholder page for Paddle Billing - that might come soon.

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