Kanuu streamlines subscription management for application developers, offering a seamless interface to handle billing processes. Positioned between Paddle and the user's application, Kanuu facilitates a secure customer redirection process, with integration options including Paddle's webhooks or Subscription API for real-time updates. The service introduces a free starter plan, empowering customers to manage subscriptions effortlessly. As user bases grow, Kanuu's Unlimited plan becomes available at a fixed $25/month, irrespective of customer volume, eliminating restrictions imposed by the free plan.

Key features include a fully managed and white-labeled subscription management area, with the Unlimited plan additionally offering custom domains. The service minimizes data storage, requesting only a unique customer reference, such as a database ID or UUID. Kanuu's origin lies in the experience of its development team, comprised of product developers who sought to streamline billing interfaces, enabling teams to concentrate on delivering product value. Leveraging Paddle for its proven subscription management capabilities, Kanuu caters to EU citizens and remains open to potential expansion to other platforms. Users can swiftly initiate the onboarding process, supported by comprehensive documentation, and reach out for assistance via email or Twitter. 


Use Cases

  • Subscription Management for Applications: Kanuu serves as a dedicated solution for application developers seeking efficient and hassle-free subscription management. It allows developers to integrate a subscription interface seamlessly into their applications, enabling customers to manage their subscriptions with ease.

Main Features

  • Seamless Subscription Management: Kanuu offers a user-friendly and fully managed subscription management area, providing a seamless interface for customers to control and modify their subscriptions effortlessly.
  • Scalable Pricing Plans: The service introduces a scalable pricing model, starting with a free starter plan that caters to basic subscription needs. As user bases grow, the Unlimited plan becomes available at a fixed $25/month, accommodating businesses of varying sizes without restricting customer volume.
  • White-Labeling and Custom Domains: Kanuu provides a fully white-labeled experience, allowing businesses to maintain brand consistency throughout the subscription management process. The Unlimited plan extends this customization further by offering custom domains, such as billing.yourapp.com, providing a professional and branded environment for users.
  • Integration with Paddle: Kanuu seamlessly integrates with Paddle, a payment processing platform, to facilitate secure and efficient billing operations. Developers can securely link their Paddle accounts to Kanuu by adding Paddle Vendor ID and API keys, enabling Kanuu to make API calls to Paddle for fetching plan information, subscription details, and customer invoice data.
  • Data Privacy and Minimal Customer Information: Kanuu prioritizes data privacy by storing minimal information on customers. It requests only a unique reference, such as a database ID or UUID, for customer identification. All other sensitive billing data is handled and stored securely by Paddle during the checkout process, ensuring a high level of data protection and compliance.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

During Setup you can connect your Paddle account with Kanuu.

The provided information is presented "as is" with no guarantees for its accuracy, and we bear no liability for any errors or omissions. Kindly report any errors or updates to us and we'll try to sort them as quickly as possible.

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