OmnipayWP offers a comprehensive payment solution for WordPress eCommerce, including a Paddle payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads. This gateway enables processing various payment methods, handles taxes, supports multiple currencies, and offers a user-friendly checkout experience on your website. It also assists with preventing fraud, accepts major credit cards, and supports recurring, one-time payments, and software licensing. Additionally, it generates invoices for payments and is easy to set up. The pricing starts at $199.00 for a single site license.


Use Cases

  • eCommerce: OmnipayWP primarily serves as an ultimate payment solution for seamlessly integrating and managing online payments within WordPress eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Software licensing: Effortlessly manage software licensing and validate licenses with ease, thanks to EDD's popular add-on fully supported by our Paddle gateway.

Main Features

  • Easy Digital Download “Buy Now” buttons: By eliminating the need for account creation during checkout and letting Paddle's modern experience create user accounts behind the scenes, conversions are optimized, resulting in a significant boost in sales.
  • Support for recurring/subscription payments – Recurring payments offer a path to sustainable business growth, and our Paddle gateway, combined with the EDD recurring payment add-on, provides the means to leverage recurring revenue streams, along with support for free trials and coupons.
  • Support for one-time payments – one-time payments are the standard way of selling various digital products: games, audio, video files and e-books.
  • Invoice Generation – Paddle generate invoices for every payment. We include a link to view and download the invoice in EDD view order and purchase confirmation pages.
The provided information is presented "as is" with no guarantees for its accuracy, and we bear no liability for any errors or omissions. Kindly report any errors or updates to us and we'll try to sort them as quickly as possible.

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