PaddlePress Pro is a premium WordPress plugin designed for effortless integration with Paddle, providing a comprehensive solution for selling digital products and managing memberships on WordPress sites. It simplifies monetization by allowing users to sell WordPress themes and plugins, all integrated with Paddle's unified SaaS payment system. This system handles multiple payment processors and optimizes payment acceptance, freeing users to focus on product development. PaddlePress Pro offers features like automatic user account creation, membership management, WordPress licensing server, and secure customer authentication. It also ensures compliance with sales tax and data regulations through Paddle.

I came across PaddlePress because the former solution I tried, WPSmartPay, required to set up a full Woocommerce shop, involving several weeks of work to tailor it down to a small subscription business and in the end, it was error prone (to synchronize the shop and Paddle). Also, the support team of PaddlePress is absolutely great! I received prompt and very helpful answers, helping me resolve even advanced issues I had in no time. Thank you very much! They were also happy to take my requests for additional features. I fully recommend PaddlePress!
Dr. Achim Klein
Founder of

Use Cases

  • Sell Digital Products Instantly: A single integration for SaaS businesses to instantly access & optimize payments across multiple countries & currencies. Subscriptions are native – nothing new to integrate – and unified into one complete data stream, so you’re ready to scale to any size.
  • Sell license keys for your software and digital products: PaddlePress Pro provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system. If you are selling WordPress plugins and themes, it will take care of auto-updates too.

Main Features

  • Multiple Currencies: It supports multiple currency /multiple payment methods
  • Member Content: You can sell “members only” content without extra effort
  • Automatic user registration after purchase:
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