ProsperStack is a subscriber retention platform aimed at helping subscription-based businesses reduce churn and improve customer retention. Trusted by companies like Nutrafol, Hootsuite, and Roll20, ProsperStack offers a variety of features that make it attractive to high-volume subscription businesses. Its capabilities include easy setup without extensive coding, expert support from dedicated retention specialists, robust A/B testing, customer segmentation, and detailed reporting insights.

The platform highlights the inefficiency of customer acquisition strategies that do not address churn, likening them to filling a leaky bucket. Instead, ProsperStack provides tools to "upgrade the bucket" through better retention strategies. This includes a suite of integrations with popular payment processors and CRM systems such as Stripe, Chargebee, Shopify, Salesforce, and HubSpot.

Client testimonials from companies like Trainual and Star Tribune praise ProsperStack for its ease of use, effective support, and impact on reducing churn. Roll20, for example, credits the platform with providing powerful insights that have significantly reduced their churn rates.

ProsperStack markets itself as a low-friction solution with immediate, trackable return on investment (ROI), emphasizing that the platform not only pays for itself but also provides considerable value beyond the cost. The company offers demos and has a wide range of resources on its website to help businesses understand and utilize its features effectively.

Roll20 reduced their churn with powerful insights from ProsperStack ProsperStack was so easy to implement. We now have a real-time look into reasons for cancellation so we can react quickly and significantly reduce churn. We wouldn't have been able to build that capability internally.
Clay Reimus
Director at Roll20

Use Cases

  • Subscriber retention: Turn your cancel button into a customer retention superhero. Capture feedback, generate powerful insights and reduce churn up to 30% with a better cancellation flow.

Main Features

  • Easy Integration: ProsperStack offers seamless compatibility with a variety of payment processors and CRM systems, such as Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, and others, making it highly adaptable for various business needs.
  • Customer Retention Tools: The platform provides a range of tools designed to enhance customer retention, including A/B testing capabilities, exit surveys, customer segmentation, and robust reporting insights. These features help businesses understand and address the reasons behind customer churn.
  • Dedicated Support: ProsperStack assigns a dedicated retention expert to each client, offering personalized support and guidance through both the initial implementation and ongoing optimization processes.
  • Automatic and User-friendly Setup: The platform is designed to be easy to set up with low- and no-code solutions that can be implemented quickly by development teams, reducing the time to value.
  • Real-Time Insights and Actions: ProsperStack enables businesses to gain real-time insights into reasons for cancellations, allowing them to react promptly and effectively to reduce churn and improve customer retention.

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