Truto, co-founded by Nachi Raman and Roopendra Talekar, aims to simplify integration development for developers. Drawing on their 15 years of collective experience in the SaaS industry, they identified a need for streamlining the integration process. Truto offers Unified APIs, enabling nimble teams to effortlessly build native integrations, a solution born out of the founders' commitment to addressing a critical industry gap.

Embracing a philosophy of staying purposefully small and nimble, Truto prioritizes efficiency in feature and integration delivery. The company values flexibility, ensuring their products cater to developers' preferences in both functionality and pricing. With a focus on a select group of customers, Truto aims for quality over quantity, fostering euphoric customer experiences. Noteworthy is Truto's commitment to being bootstrapped, relying on customer support for 99% of their sustenance. This decision reflects a dedication to their principles, intending to remain customer-supported for the long term. Truto's approach aligns with their belief that staying small, flexible, and customer-centric contributes to a successful integration platform.

When we started building FloWheel we quickly realized that we would need to focus on integrations to help our users grow their brands. Discovering Truto was the best thing that happened to us. We’re able to implement 4-8 integrations with Truto for every 1 we were doing manually.
Co-founder at

Use Cases

  • Unified API for Developers: Enables developers to easily build native integrations across various applications and services. Designed to streamline the integration development process and allowing nimbleteams to create connections between different systems quickly. This is particularly valuable for businesses and developers who want to enhance the functionality of their software or services by integrating with other tools and platforms. Truto's Unified APIs cover a wide range of categories, including CRM, ATS (Applicant Tracking System), HRIS (Human Resources Information System), ticketing systems, accounting, e-commerce, and many more. The platform aims to simplify the complexity of working with different APIs by offering a unified and customizable solution.

Main Features

  • Unified APIs Across Multiple Categories: Truto offers Unified APIs that cover a wide range of categories, including CRM, ATS, HRIS, ticketing systems, accounting, and more. This feature allows developers to access a comprehensive set of APIs for different functionalities, simplifying the integration process across diverse applications.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Truto prioritizes flexibility, enabling developers to customize the Unified APIs to match their specific requirements. This feature allows for a tailored integration experience, ensuring that the platform can adapt to the unique needs of different projects and businesses.
  • Declarative Approach: Truto adopts a declarative approach from the ground up, empowering users to easily add new integrations and customize existing ones. This feature simplifies the integration workflow, making it more intuitive and efficient for developers to work with the platform.
  • Sandbox Accounts for Testing: Truto provides sandbox accounts for all supported integrations, allowing developers to experiment and test the product without using real accounts. This feature ensures a safe environment for testing and refining integrations before deploying them in a production environment.
  • Hand-Crafted SDKs and Great Documentation: Truto places a strong emphasis on the developer experience by offering hand-crafted software development kits (SDKs) and comprehensive documentation. This feature facilitates a smooth integration process, reducing the learning curve for developers and enhancing overall usability.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Provides a transparent proxy API to Paddle Billing.

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