With a user-friendly interface and sharable templates, n8n encourages collaboration across teams, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users. Boasting 350+ native integrations, n8n becomes the central hub for pumping data throughout the tech stack, from Support and DevOps to Sales. The tool accommodates common use cases such as customer integrations, SaaS backend prototyping, lead automation, CRM customization, and efficient engineering resource optimization.

Distinctively, n8n offers scalable performance with 220 workflow executions per second on a single instance and customizable error handling. Users can host n8n on their infrastructure or opt for the hosted n8n Cloud. The platform's versatility extends to enterprise solutions, providing advanced on-premises or cloud automation to scale operations. n8n's source code availability, self-hosting options, and cost-effectiveness make it a standout choice for businesses aiming to streamline workflows and adapt automation to their specific needs.

I've said it many times. But I'll say it again. n8n is the GOAT. Anything is possible with n8n. You just need some technical knowledge + imagination.
Maxim Poulsen
Growth Manager

Use Cases

  • Lead automation: Automate lead management effortlessly with n8n, the versatile workflow automation tool. Seamlessly connect marketing tools, like Jotform, Typeform, or Hubspot, to enhance lead handling. Enrich leads automatically by integrating form builders with contact verification services. The node-based system facilitates limitless CRM integration, allowing smooth transfers to tools such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot. Set up automated actions effortlessly, triggering specific app actions in response to events like lead status changes or customer purchases. n8n streamlines lead workflows, offering a user-friendly solution with robust capabilities. Get started to simplify lead management and boost marketing efficiency.
  • CRM: Supercharge your CRM with n8n, offering a solution beyond standard integrations. Tackle the limitations of your app's connections by using n8n to build custom integrations and automations for a more personalized experience. With over 35,000 GitHub stars, n8n empowers you to go beyond the standard CRM integration, enabling the exchange of any data you need. Unlike typical integration software, n8n allows for additional calculations, parameters, and data enrichment. Take control of your notifications with n8n's capability to trigger personalized alerts for specific events, such as lead status changes or user entries into email campaigns. Get started and elevate your CRM capabilities.
  • Integration: N8n offers limitless integrations, empowering users to build customized automations tailored to their exact needs. With over 35,000 GitHub stars, it stands out for its versatility in orchestrating complex systems. Save costs on advanced integration add-ons by effortlessly creating them with n8n. The platform unlocks additional features, allowing you to trigger custom actions and events within your existing tools. Simply outline your desired process, and n8n takes care of the heavy lifting. Whether it's a personalized conference registration workflow or a triggered invoicing tool for new clients, n8n empowers users to define their automation paths effortlessly. Get started now!

Main Features

  • Versatile Automation: n8n empowers users to build complex automations rapidly, offering both a no-code approach for basic tasks and JavaScript functionality for intricate data manipulation. This versatility allows users to tailor workflows to their specific needs, whether dealing with simple tasks or complex scenarios.
  • Extensive Integrations: With over 350 native integrations, n8n serves as a central hub for pumping data across various applications in the tech stack. This broad range of integrations includes support for customer integrations, SaaS backend prototyping, lead automation, CRM customization, and more, providing users with flexibility and connectivity.
  • Scalable Performance: n8n boasts scalable performance, supporting up to 220 workflow executions per second on a single instance. Users have the option to add more instances if required, ensuring that the platform can handle increased workloads and grow with the evolving needs of the business.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Users can choose how to use n8n, whether by signing up for the hosted n8n Cloud or by self-hosting with a simple npm command or Docker installation. This flexibility allows users to adapt the deployment to their preferences, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and security requirements.
  • Source Code Availability and Self-Hosting: n8n stands out by providing access to its full source code, allowing users to audit, tweak, and fork the codebase to suit their specific requirements. The platform is self-hostable, enabling users to keep their data secure and ensuring compliance with data privacy laws. This feature caters to users who value transparency and control over their workflow automation environment.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Integrates with Paddle Classic API.

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