Metricks, developed by Peddle Technologies, is a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution designed to empower brands in growing and scaling their online presence. Boasting seamless integration with popular tools such as Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, and Zapier, Metricks ensures a user-friendly experience for advertisers seeking efficient collaboration with affiliates. The onboarding process is tailored, employing strategic questions to understand advertisers better and offer personalized affiliate recommendations, optimizing product promotions. Advertisers can effortlessly discover and engage with top-performing affiliates, pitch campaigns, and participate in public campaigns to enhance visibility. Real-time reporting keeps advertisers informed about organizational events and campaign updates, fostering proactive decision-making. Metricks supports unlimited scalability, allowing advertisers to create multiple organizations and campaigns, recruit new affiliates, and expand their reach globally.

Flexible plans cater to diverse needs, emphasizing ease of tracking and management. Embracing a global perspective, Metricks facilitates affiliate management worldwide, breaking down technological barriers for brands. With a commitment to transparency, Metricks invites users to join their Discord community for community support. The platform is equipped with subscription affiliate software, supporting popular payment gateways like Stripe, Cratejoy, Moonclerk, and Memberful. In essence, Metricks is a versatile solution that empowers advertisers to navigate the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing efficiently.

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Use Cases

  • Affiliate - Metricks offers tailored onboarding questions to provide affiliate marketers, whether new or experienced, with the best campaign recommendations suited for their promotion. Affiliates have full control of their profiles, allowing them to showcase their skills and attract attention from leading brands looking to collaborate with top-performing affiliates. Affiliates also can browse through available offers and easily join campaigns that align with their preferences, making it quick and efficient to start promoting new campaigns. The platform provides real-time reporting, ensuring that affiliates stay informed about new events in their organization or campaigns.
  • Advertiser - Advertisers can integrate Metricks with popular tools such as Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, and Zapier, facilitating seamless collaboration. The onboarding process is designed to understand advertisers better, providing them with the best affiliate recommendations to effectively promote their products. Advertisers can find and pitch their campaigns to top-ranking and high-performing affiliates on the Metricks platform. Advertisers also can list their campaigns publicly, enabling affiliates to discover and sign up for them. This feature encourages transparency and comparison.

Main Features

  • Real-time Reporting: The platform's real-time reporting feature keeps users informed of crucial events within their organizations or campaigns promptly. This ensures timely decision-making and allows affiliates and advertisers to stay agile in response to evolving trends and performance metrics.
  • Seamless Organization Management: Metricks enables users to manage multiple organizations seamlessly within a single account. Whether switching between affiliate and advertiser roles or scaling operations, this feature provides a convenient and efficient way to oversee and coordinate diverse affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Global Affiliation and Campaign Scaling: The platform supports global affiliate management, acknowledging the borderless nature of technology. Users can scale their campaigns without limitations, creating new organizations, adding account managers, and expanding their reach without constraints.
  • Flexible Integrations and Compatibility: Metricks offers compatibility with a range of popular ecommerce platforms, including Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. This flexibility in integrations allows users to connect with their preferred tools, enhancing collaboration and streamlining processes for both affiliates and advertisers.
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