An advanced automation platform designed to enhance team efficiency by integrating with commonly used business applications. It stands out by allowing human inputs within automated workflows, ensuring that critical decisions and approvals can involve team members. This human-in-the-loop approach not only makes the automation process more flexible but also adapts to complex team dynamics and requirements.

The platform supports various functions from simple if-this-then-that logic to more sophisticated multi-step processes, and includes features such as native app integrations, webhook usage, manual or automatic path choices, iterators for repeating actions, and wait steps for pausing workflows as needed. Moreover, boosts productivity with AI features like Autofill, which assists in data extraction and summarization directly within the workflow steps without needing external accounts.

Companies like Ramp, Tavus, and Motion have benefited significantly from implementing, reporting substantial reductions in manual workload and improved process speeds, leading to enhanced overall business operations. also supports a range of integrations with popular tools like Airtable, Google Suite, Slack, and more, making it a versatile option for businesses seeking to optimize their workflow automation. has completely transformed how we approach onboarding for new employees. In addition to reducing the time we spend on manual tasks by over 70%, gives us the right tools to build positive interactions between employees, managers, and new hires—improving the onboarding experience for everyone.
Aaron Perlstein
People Operations at Ramp

Use Cases

  • Connect the apps your team already uses but add a human check: Integrates with many apps you use to run your business. Will automate triggering workflows from one app and perform functions in another app with complex decision logic if you need it.

Main Features

  • Human-in-the-Loop Capabilities: uniquely incorporates human decisions and approvals within automated workflows, allowing for essential human judgment in key steps, which is especially beneficial for complex decision-making processes.
  • Broad Integration Ecosystem: The platform integrates seamlessly with a wide array of apps that teams commonly use, such as Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce, and Airtable, facilitating a more cohesive and efficient workflow environment.
  • Advanced Workflow Configuration: Users can craft custom workflows ranging from simple if-this-then-that configurations to more intricate multi-step processes. This includes choosing paths manually or automatically, using iterators for repeated actions, and incorporating wait steps to pause flows when needed.
  • AI-Assisted Features: offers in-context AI features like Autofill to help with extracting and summarizing data right within the workflow steps. This simplifies the processing of information and enhances the automation’s effectiveness without additional external setups.
  • Adaptable Automation Tools: The platform provides tools to automate actions across all integrated apps and to employ webhooks for any additional requirements, ensuring that the automation can be as broad or as specific as needed.

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