m3ter, established in 2020 by John Griffin and Griffin Parry, is a dynamic Pricing Operations Platform that specializes in enabling companies at various growth stages to implement and optimize usage-based pricing strategies. Leveraging 10 years of experience, the founders draw from their prior venture, GameSparks, where they successfully employed usage-based pricing for billing customers. Following GameSparks' acquisition by Amazon in 2017, the duo spent over three years refining their approach through insights gained at AWS, ultimately founding m3ter.

This platform seamlessly integrates usage data, applies pricing strategies, and generates error-free bills in real-time, catering to diverse variations of usage-based pricing models. Represented by the "3" in its name, m3ter encapsulates the three dimensions of pricing complexity: Aggregation, Billing, and Pricing. With a global reach spanning North America, EMEA, and APAC, m3ter boasts a team of 55 and has raised an impressive $31.5 million from leading venture capitalists. The founders' commitment to sharing their journey and best practices contributes to m3ter's industry-leading position, making it an invaluable resource for companies seeking reliable and innovative pricing solutions.

One of the best decisions we ever made. m3ter allowed us to focus on our customers and strategy, not implementation.
Tanya Bragin
VP Product, ClickHouse

Use Cases

  • Metering: Efficiently manage your usage, pricing, and account data with m3ter. Tailor usage tracking to your business, capturing multiple attributes per measurement, and applying robust data transformation logic. No need to worry about aggregating data or adding pricing and billing logic before ingestion – save valuable engineering time and implement flexibility in m3ter later. Additionally, the platform automatically identifies formatting errors, duplications, and omissions for prompt remediation, enabling the storage of enriched data at scale.
  • Pricing: m3ter seamlessly handles a wide range of usage-based pricing variations, including hybrid models, pure usage-based structures, and everything in between. Whether it's standing charges, credits, bundling, minimums, commitments, or more, m3ter supports every pricing vector. Simplify pricing management by maintaining all pricing within the m3ter Console or your CPQ system, ensuring the automatic flow of enriched data across your systems.
  • Automated and Error-Free Billing: Experience automated and accurate billing with m3ter, as it automatically calculates bills according to any schedule, including customer-specific billing dates. Billing Operations teams benefit from a sophisticated workflow configuration integrated into invoicing and bookings processes. Once approved, bill line items seamlessly integrate with downstream systems like Netsuite and Chargebee, ensuring precision in billing every single time.

Main Features

  • Integration Capabilities: m3ter facilitates seamless integration of usage, pricing, and account data with low-code methods. It ensures easy connectivity with existing Finance and Sales systems, simplifying data synchronization across all operational systems.
  • Automation of Billing Operations: The platform automates pricing and billing logic of any complexity in real-time. This feature streamlines the calculation of bills, eliminating errors and leakage of revenue. This automation not only enhances workflow efficiency but also provides customers with trustworthy and accessible billing information.
  • Real-time Data Alignment Across Teams: m3ter empowers Sales and Customer Success teams with real-time usage data. This enables timely decision-making to grow or save accounts. Additionally, Product and Engineering teams can utilize usage and spend dashboards to inform pricing strategies. Finance Planning & Analysis teams benefit from improved forecasting and informed decision-making.
  • Pricing Optimization Tools: The platform enables companies to quickly launch new products and add-ons. It offers tools for assessing, testing, and deploying pricing and packaging changes efficiently. Sales teams can design custom pricing to enhance deal-making, fostering innovation in pricing strategies and accelerating revenue growth.
  • Industry-leading Support: Recognizing the combination of technological and cultural changes required for transforming pricing strategies, m3ter provides industry-leading support. The experienced team at m3ter is committed to assisting companies at every step of the transformation process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

The provided information is presented "as is" with no guarantees for its accuracy, and we bear no liability for any errors or omissions. Kindly report any errors or updates to us and we'll try to sort them as quickly as possible.

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