Keygen is an open-source software licensing and distribution platform designed to simplify the implementation and management of licensing systems for developers. With a flagship software licensing API, Keygen enables developers to integrate license key validation, device activation, and entitlements seamlessly into their software applications. The platform ensures secure artifact distribution, allowing automatic updates for licensed users. Notably, Keygen emphasizes a no-code approach for licensing automation, facilitating integration with popular tools like Stripe for payments and Postmark for transactional emails through platforms such as Zapier.

The platform provides a versatile solution for developers seeking efficient licensing mechanisms. The code snippet showcases license key validation in Go, demonstrating Keygen's flexibility in supporting multiple programming languages. Additionally, the Docker container setup commands and Rails configuration exemplify the platform's adaptability for diverse deployment scenarios. Keygen's clientele includes notable companies across various industries, highlighting its relevance and adoption in the software development landscape. In essence, Keygen streamlines the complexities of software licensing, offering a comprehensive, developer-friendly solution for license management and distribution.

Never being so glad with a 3rd party critical infrastructure provider! Overall they are a great partner to trust all our licensing needs to. If you need to send them a support email, a senior technical staff member will answer back in no time. I can only hope that the Microsofts, Googles and AWS of the world would be as responsive and pro-customer as KeyGen is!
Alejandro B.
CEO of Broadcast Media

Use Cases

  • Software Application Licensing: This use case focuses on adding licensing capabilities to a software application using Keygen's flagship software licensing API.
  • Software Artifact Distribution: This use case involves using Keygen's supplementary software distribution API to securely deliver software artifacts and provide automatic updates to licensed users.
  • No-code Licensing Automation with Zapier: This use case emphasizes the no-code approach by integrating Keygen with other tools like Stripe for payments and Postmark for transactional emails using Zapier.

Main Features

  • Developer-First API Design: Keygen prioritizes a developer-first approach with an API designed to cater to developers of all skill levels. Whether using official SDKs or preferred HTTP libraries, the focus is on providing a user-friendly experience, ensuring ease of integration for developers.
  • Cloud-Native Architecture: Born in the cloud, Keygen embraces a cloud-native architecture. The platform is adept at handling complex infrastructure aspects, allowing development teams to concentrate on product innovation while Keygen manages the intricacies associated with cloud-based solutions.
  • Enterprise-Grade Features with Keygen EE: Keygen's Enterprise Edition (Keygen EE) caters to businesses seeking self-hosted solutions. It offers enterprise-grade features, including historical request logs, event/audit logs, environments, permissions, SAML/SSO integration, and comprehensive support, making it ideal for large-scale, sophisticated licensing requirements.
  • Open-Source Availability with Keygen CE: Keygen CE, the Community Edition, is freely available for self-hosting in both personal and commercial projects. Emphasizing openness, Keygen is source-available, encouraging users to explore, clone, fork, and modify the code. The platform's commitment to accessibility is evident in its free and open nature.
  • Community Engagement and Support: Keygen actively fosters a community around its platform. Developers can join GitHub and Discord communities to connect, seek support, and engage in discussions. Encouraging contribution, users are invited to open issues or pull requests, ensuring a collaborative environment where ideas and improvements are openly discussed and integrated.

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