The Mobile Payments Dashboard is a free mobile application designed to help business owners monitor their product billing and financial metrics effectively. This app, not affiliated with Market Ltd., is built by Alex Duggleby under the sponsorship of Boathouse, a company that also offers customer portals for Paddle Billing.

Key features of the dashboard include real-time visibility into earnings, customer and subscriber data, and the ability to manage customer transactions and subscriptions directly from your mobile device. Users can search for customer information by name or email, view associated transactions, and adjust subscription statuses such as pausing, canceling, or resuming them. The app also features detailed trend charts that track key financial performance indicators (KPIs), keeping business owners updated on their financial health.

The data within the app is secured using state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected on the user's device and synced directly from Paddle without intermediary servers. Updates occur every five minutes, ensuring the data remains current.

The app is available for download on both Apple and Google app stores. Users simply need to add their Paddle Billing API key to begin syncing data.

The Mobile Payments Dashboard is a user-friendly tool designed to be accessible to all business owners, providing them with necessary insights and support while being completely free.

Up until now there hasn't been an app for Paddle Billing. So I decided to build one.

Use Cases

  • Paddle Dashboard in your Pocket: A mobile app to monitor financial KPIs, activities and basic customer and subscriber management.

Main Features

  • Real-Time Financial Monitoring: Allows users to see live data on earnings, customers, and subscribers, providing up-to-date financial visibility.
  • Detailed Trend Charts: Offers trend charts for important financial KPIs, enabling users to view earnings and subscriptions over time, which helps in making informed financial decisions.
  • Customer and Subscription Management: Enables searching for customers by name or email, viewing their transactions and subscriptions, and managing subscription statuses (pause, cancel, or resume).
  • Full Payment Activity Stream: Provides a complete stream of individual payment events, allowing users to select and view types of events that are important to them.
  • Secure Data Handling: Built with advanced security features, the app ensures that data is safe on the user's device and syncs directly from Paddle, with no intermediate servers involved.

How does it integrate with Paddle?

Just add your Paddle Key to the App. It's stored safely on your device and never shared with anyone.

The provided information is presented "as is" with no guarantees for its accuracy, and we bear no liability for any errors or omissions. Kindly report any errors or updates to us and we'll try to sort them as quickly as possible.

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