WPSmartPay is a user-friendly and efficient digital product sales solution designed for WordPress. With seamless integration capabilities, it simplifies the process of selling digital goods on your WordPress website. WPSmartPay offers seamless integration with Paddle checkout for both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, providing a robust solution for businesses selling digital products on WordPress. As the officially recommended Paddle integration plugin for WooCommerce, WPSmartPay streamlines the checkout process, allowing users to boost sales of themes, plugins, and designs effortlessly, without requiring any coding expertise. The plugin supports subscription and recurring billing within WooCommerce, facilitating a plug-and-play setup without additional configuration.

For WooCommerce users, WPSmartPay ensures a distraction-free and conversion-focused checkout experience with Paddle, accepting a wide range of global payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit cards. The integration handles various aspects such as automatic license creation, discount support, refund syncing, and seamless checkout experiences, making it an all-encompassing solution for digital product sales. Similarly, WPSmartPay extends its capabilities to Easy Digital Downloads, serving as the #1 Paddle integration plugin for this platform. The plugin seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads' subscription and recurring payment plugins, offering features like automatic license creation, discount support, refund syncing, and a white-labeled checkout experience. With flexible pricing plans and a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, WPSmartPay ensures a user-friendly and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes seeking a secure and efficient payment gateway integration for their digital products.

A solution with great potential 👍Setting up a store is a big challenge, with WPSmartPay you can start selling a product very quickly. This is a simple alternative to putting up a store. Before the solution, there is a lot to be implemented to make it flexible and even better. However, I see a lot of potential in this.
Jack S.

Use Cases

  • Sell digital product with WooCommerce: For users leveraging WooCommerce to sell themes, plugins, or designs, WPSmartPay's integration with Paddle offers a significant advantage. This use case targets businesses seeking to enhance their sales within the WooCommerce ecosystem. By streamlining the checkout process and requiring no coding expertise, it caters to those who prioritize efficiency and user-friendly transactions in their WooCommerce-based online stores.
  • Sell digital product with Easy Digital Downloads: WPSmartPay addresses the needs of those using Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital products. The plugin seamlessly connects with Paddle, allowing users to accept both one-time and subscription payments effortlessly. This case is suitable for WordPress users relying on Easy Digital Downloads for their digital sales, aiming to leverage the power and convenience of Paddle's payment processing within this specific ecosystem.

Main Features

  • Seamless Checkout Experience: The integration with Paddle provides a distraction-free and conversion-focused checkout experience for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads users. This feature ensures that customers can complete their purchases directly on the site, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing friction in the buying process.
  • License Plugin Support: Paddle integration offers automatic license creation after successful payments using the dedicated WooCommerce plugin. This feature is crucial for businesses selling software or digital products, providing a streamlined and automated process for license management.
  • Discount Support: Businesses can leverage the discount feature integrated with Paddle's WooCommerce payment gateway. This capability allows for the implementation of various discount strategies during the checkout process, enhancing marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Recurring & Subscription Billing: Paddle's built-in recurring billing feature simplifies the setup of subscription plans, enabling businesses to sell software on a subscription basis or offer one-time purchases. This flexibility caters to a broad range of products and payment models.
  • Payment Method Variety: The integration supports a wide range of global payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit cards, all within a single interface. This ensures that customers have diverse options for completing transactions, contributing to a more inclusive and user-friendly payment experience.

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