Rewardful is dedicated to providing businesses with accessible, affordable, and user-friendly affiliate marketing software to foster partnerships between merchants and affiliates. Established in 2017 by founders Kyle Fox and Brady Cassidy, the company emerged from a desire to address the issues of cost and complexity in existing affiliate software. Today, Rewardful serves a global clientele, assisting tens of thousands of businesses in enhancing sales and brand growth through affiliate marketing.

Rewardful's software prioritizes simplicity, catering to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users. Key features include easy payouts via PayPal and Wise, real-time analytics, and scalability to accommodate business growth. The company's mission is to empower businesses, offering a platform that makes affiliate marketing transparent, effective, and straightforward for all involved.

Rewardful is a joy to use! The simplicity of setup along with the clean and minimalistic UI are just fantastic. We have also been a wonderful and helpful integration partner with MemberSpace which really allowed us to expand our platform to more people. Can't recommend them enough!
Ward Sandler
CEO of MemberSpace

Use Cases

  • Affiliate program: Affiliate programs consist of non-customers that require a separate login portal to access their links, performance stats and commissions. You can make your program public, private or invite-only.
  • Refer-a-friend program: Referral programs are often limited to your existing customers and can live inside your custom built app (or use our portal). Common reward types include credits, unlocking features, swag or cash and can be fulfilled with our REST API.
  • Partner Programs: Tap into agencies, platforms and integration partners, incubators and many more B2B partnerships to grow your business.

Main Features

  • Affiliate, customer, partner and influencer programs under one umbrella: Run any (or all) program types from one centralized place – from on-brand, whitelabel affiliate programs to in-app customer referral programs.
  • Integration: Rewardful integrates with user’s favorite platforms and plugins. No code needed.
  • Customizable Commissions: Rewardful allows user to set a fixed amount, percentage-based, one-time, or recurring commissions.
  • Self-Referral Fraud Detection: Rewardful automatically identifies and deactivates suspected self-referrals.
  • PayPal and Wise Mass Payouts: Rewardful allows users to send payments to affiliates via PayPal or Wise in a few clicks.
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